Who is Icesis? Well she started off as a character in a game called Furcadia and turned into an alias… I will be glad to give you full details, if you would like to read on.

It all started when I was around ten years of age, when I decided to venture into the 16+ map on Furcadia, Furbian Nights. I ended up running into this completely awesome and wicked looking club called “Club Frostbite”. It was one of the best dreams, dreams are character created maps in the game, I had ever visited! I ended up making it my home, and befriending the owner, “Glaciess”.
Glaciess was one of the coolest people I knew at the time, and probably still is. One night she had asked me to co-own the club and stuff, and I got very emotional and admitted that I was only eleven. She then told me it was all right because she was only 15. We started talking and we found out that we lived in the same country, then province, and that we were pretty close in cities as well… Then she told me what school she went to and we discovered she went to school with my cousin, and our friendship blossomed even more from there.
At the time I was running around on my first main character, sweetheart2001, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to change my name to as 2001 rolled around people started thinking I was a newb and what not. I had sat down one evening with her and she offered me to have “Icesis”. I was so pleased that I could have cried. I loved that name, and it means so much more because it came from her. So I started using the name, and her color scheme hasn’t changed much, but her design has been altered many times, and improved on as well.
Icesis just started out as a black and blue tigress, and later my love of elves and raccoons became apart of her. I then came up with my own breed, Elacigress. She is very anthropomorphic, human hands and feet, however, has a ringed cat tail, raccoon mask, and elf ears. She is very unique looking, and I always love when people show me their rendition of her.
Over the years I really liked the name Icesis, and have adopted it as a nickname… In fact Glaciess calls me Icey in person. ;) Icesis is engraved into my High School graduation ring, and it is my username on everything that someone else hasn’t actually managed to steal on me. ;) Actually, I would appreciate anyone that has the username “Icesis” on something, if you don’t use it anymore that I could have it. :)
I know it’s only been recently I’ve had issues with people stealing the username, and I know I have been accused of stealing the title (especially on deviantArt!) but chances are I’ve either 1) used it longer 2) Glaciess had it far before you thought about it :P No offense to anyone, and maybe you did have it before me, but I just happen to live it a lot and wouldn’t give up any of my icesis usernames for the world, they’re so important to me.
In essence, Icesis isn’t really a character for me so much anymore… Icesis is me, though personified differently depending on the environment... I believe I may have jumped off the track hehe… but I suppose that brings Icesis up to date. Not much more to be said, except maybe… read her descriptions… And maybe if you guys are super cool and motivate me… I may write her story. ;)